Writing the Prostate Doc blog has been an amazing experience. In the process, I have made many new friends who have asked me to expand on the blog and create some guidebooks for men navigating the prostate cancer journey. This site, Prostate Doc Library, allows readers to explore and download E Books about various topics related to prostate cancer. These books are in PDF format so anyone with a personal computer should have no problem downloading and reading them. As always, I hope you find them useful!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prostate Doc's Guide To Life After Prostatectomy

Repeatedly seeing the frustration of prostate cancer patients both within the scope of my own practice and through numerous online and live prostate cancer support groups, I started the Prostate Doc blog a year ago to try to answer the most common questions posed by men treated for prostate cancer. I soon learned that most of these questions came from men who had undergone prostatectomy and were not prepared to deal with the aftermath. Through these experiences, I decided to put together this book.

I wrote the book with the hope that it can serve as a guide for the thousands of men undergoing prostatectomy every year. I hope that it can serve as a resource and fill in the blanks that are all to often created by treating urologists by answering questions such as:

1) What can go wrong during surgery?
2) What is the recovery like, both in the hospital and at home?
3) Which postoperative symptoms are expected and which are indications of a serious problem?
4) What are the common complaints and issues with a urinary catheter?
5) What are the critical features to know about a pathology report?
6) How do you manage pathologic features such as positive margins, seminal vesicles, and/or lymph nodes?
7) How do you manage PSA recurrence after prostatectomy?
8) What do you do to control incontinence after prostatectomy?
9) How do you get your sex life back after prostatectomy?
10)Does the penis shrink after prostatectomy?
...and many more.

I know the anxiety and fear that strange symptoms and issues can elicit in men after surgery. I hope that this guide can help alleviate some of that stress. In addition, I hope that it can provide some benefit to men still considering their treatment options by painting a very detailed, extensive, and clear picture of what life after prostatectomy entails. I have long felt that the uniqueness of radical prostatectomy necessitated its own patient instruction manual. I hope that this book serves that purpose. As always, I hope that you find it useful!

You can purchase the book by clicking the shopping cart icon below. The book will be downloaded to your computer in PDF format so that anyone with a personal computer can read it.

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